Computational Mathematics VRG

UGA MATH 8850, Spring 2018.
helping people to help computers help mathematics


This semester's computational VRG has focused on a number of topics, according to the needs of the registered students. These have included:
  • instruction in idiomatic coding in Python, Haskell, SAGE and MATLAB
  • developing familiarity with programming abstractions and object oriented approaches
  • application of software design patterns of object oriented, functional and procedural contexts
  • student project for application to low dimensional topology, mathematical biology and numerical analysis


In this course, I have tried to take a wholistic approach to computation, with the idea that skills which the students learn can be applicable to other projects outside of computer programming, such as their mathematical research. To get a feel for this approach, you can take a look at the introductory course slides in PDF format: Creation of Cultural Artifacts